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    Schellman complies with ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and is accredited by the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) which accredits certification bodies in the United States. The following disclosures are a component of our commitment to impartiality, independence, and the confidence of our clients and interested third parties in our certification services.

    Audit and Certification Process

    Schellman provides audit and certification services in full accordance with all relevant standards. Our audit and certification process is provided to prospective clients and addresses each major stage of the audit and certification processes. Prospective clients are also informed of their rights and obligations when applying for certification of a management system and following certification of a management system.

    The scope, timing and deliverables of our services, as well as the rights and obligations of both parties are documented in a fully executed agreement between Schellman and a client prior to the commencement of any audit or certification services.



    A core value of Schellman's certification services is impartiality. Our organization, as well as our personnel, are always independent in fact and appearance from our clients. Certification determinations are based on objective criteria and are not improperly influenced by bias or prejudice.

    Schellman operates in accordance with ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 and has appointed an independent impartiality committee whose primary role is to ensure that the impartiality of our certification services is safeguarded.


    Certification Status

    The certification status of Schellman's clients may be obtained using our Certificate and Client Directory. This directory allows for verification of Schellman's certification clients and certification status.


    Suspension Policy

    Schellman will suspend certified clients that do not comply with the conditions of certification. A client’s certification is invalid while in a suspended status. Any such suspensions are clearly reflected in the certificate status field of the Certificate and Client Directory.


    Appeals Process

    Schellman's clients may appeal disputed issues concerning their certification when, in the client’s opinion, the assigned project team has not provided a suitable resolution. Appeals should be submitted using this form. Upon receipt of an appeal, the project team will be notified and Schellman will request that one or more qualified Schellman personnel separate from the project team opine on the matter. The client will be informed of the disposition of the appeal.



    Schellman takes complaints against itself or its clients seriously. Complaints about Schellman should be submitted using this form. Upon receipt of a complaint, we will investigate the matter and deal with the complaint fairly and promptly. The submitter of a compliant will be kept informed of the disposition of the complaint.

    Complaints against Schellman or its clients are not made public unless required by a court of law.


    Certification Marketing Guidelines

    All certified clients are required to adhere to the Certification Marketing Guidelines of Schellman.  The accessible guidelines are specific to ISO 27001 certification but are identical to those for ISO 9001, ISO 20000, and ISO 22301 certification.