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    Publicly Available Compliant Statistics

    The below provides an overview of the types of complaints received by Schellman and the outcomes of such complaints.

    Complaint Statistics

    Complaint Numbers

    Note: No complaints have been received.

    Complaint Processing and Outcomes
    Complaints that are received using the form below are logged and recorded.  A confirmation of receipt of the complaint is provided to the individual submitting the complaint within five business days.  The complaint will be reviewed to determine whether it concerns the organization’s obligations under the program and if the complaint falls within the scope of the certification and requirements.  If this determination is confirmed that it falls within the scope of the certification and requirements, the complaint will be investigated.  The individual that submitted the compliant will be updated on the status of the investigation on at least a monthly basis.  Where the complaint is from an individual and concerns the processing of his/her personal information and the Processor’s obligations under the program, the complaint will be forwarded to the Processor within five business days.  Schellman will require confirmation from the Processor that the complaint was forwarded to the personal information controller, if the controller can be identified and whose contact information is available. If noncompliance was found with any of the program requirements, Schellman will contact the organization outlining the details of the noncompliance that require remediation and the required time-frame for completion.  At such time, the certificate will be suspended until sufficient documentation of remediation is provided within the required time-frame for the certification to be re-instated.

    As no complaints have been received, a summary of the outcomes are not included.

    Complaints Type
    No complaints have been received.

    Complaints Process Quality Measures
    No complaints have been received.

    Since Schellman received approval as an Accountability Agent, no complaints have been received.

    Submitting a Complaint
    To submit a complaint, please complete the following form.