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    Publicly Available Statics and Case Notes

    Schellman will include statistics on the types of complaints received by Schellman and the outcomes of such complaints on the company website, that is publicly available.

    Complaint Statistics

    Complaint Numbers
    The total number of complaints will be reported. Where no complaints are received, the complaint statistics template will indicate “none” to ensure it is clear that no complaints were received that year. The number of complaints will be listed by year so that it is clear regarding the number of new complaints received as well as older complaints carried over from the previous reporting period.

    To assist readers in understanding the reported figures and to aid in comparability there will be a note that the number reflects an actual and confirmed complaint rather than an inquiry.

    Complaint Processing and Outcomes
    A description of the process will be outlined.

    A listing of the number of the outcomes of each complaint by the following types will be included:

    • Complaints received that were outside of the scope of the program requirements or were not covered by the CBPR or PRP programs
    • Complaints that were resolved by Schellman
    • Complaints transferred to another Accountability Agent, Privacy Enforcement Authority or other enforcement authority
    • Complaints received that were incomplete or the complainant was unresponsive to additional information requirements
    • Complaints where findings were upheld in part
      • Details about the outcome will be provided including whether enforcement actions were taken
    • Complaints where findings were upheld in full
      • Details about the outcome will be provided including whether enforcement actions were taken

    Complaints Type
    This section will include informative breakdowns of the complaints by type to provide a statistical picture of who is complaining and why.

    The complaint types will be listed in the following categories:

    • Complaint subject matter broken down by APEC information privacy principle (e.g. notice, collection limitation, use) for CBPR or by security safeguards and/or accountability measures for PRP;
    • Information about complainants, when known, including the economy from which complaints have been made and industry;
    • Information about the type of respondents to complaints, including industry classification (e.g. financial service activities, insurance), the capacity in which the respondent falls (e.g. information processor, employer, service provider), and size of company (e.g., small, mid-market, or large).

    While some complaints will raise several different issues, the report will provide the basis upon which Schellman is reporting, for example, the principal aspect of the complaint.

    Complaints Process Quality Measures
    This section will outline how well the complaints resolution system is working.  The timeliness of the processing will be reported, including the number or complaints that took longer than the target date to resolve.

    Schellman will provide a comment on the various figures reported at the end of the reporting period as compared to previous periods to set the statistics in context.

    Submitting a Complaint
    To submit a complaint, please complete the following form.