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Catching Your Compliance Breath During a Software Sprint

  December 6th, 2019     1:00 PM EST      1 CPE


Join us as we look at how you can maintain your security posture in the fast-paced environment of agile development in the 21st century.

A little more than a decade ago, Agile methodologies redefined software development where users were craving quicker and more adaptive feature sets. Today we have DevOps, cloud, and Appstore(s) that push out new products, updates, and microservices daily or faster.

Speed is everything.

But how can you sprint through releases while not ignoring sound security and change management processes? Additionally, how do you address segregation of duties in a DevOps model which necessitates software engineers having access to production?

In this webinar, Schellman Principal Doug Barbin will speak to current trends and their impacts on the major compliance frameworks.

Additionally, we’ll hear from Schellman’s CIO Scott Caschette who has lived in the world of Agile development for over a decade and can provide the technologists perspective and the application of best practice on daily software development.


Doug Barbin
Schellman, Principal

Scott Caschette

Scott Caschette
Schellman, CIO