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HITRUST: Your Roadmap
to Certification by 2017

If your organization is one of the 7,500 business associates that works with major payers, like UnitedHealth Group, Anthem, Humana, you may need to become HITRUST certified by the end of 2017. Delaying your certification or ignoring this mandate can hurt your company.

What does your organization need to do to be certified for HITRUST by the end of 2017? We answer this and many more questions that come with HITRUST certification in our latest guide.

HITRUST Certification eBook

Inside you’ll learn:

  • The three common HITRUST certification challenges and how to overcome them
  • A valuable series of talking points you can use to generate support from management for HITRUST certification
  • The seven actions you should take to get certified by 2017

Fill out the form to the right to begin the process to HITRUST certification in 2017.